Now That You Have Your A Levels Results, What’s Next?
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Now That You Have Your A Levels Results, What’s Next?

A Levels Results

It’s D-Day for A-Levels students, the day you nervously get your exam results! Congratulations to all no matter what’s your results will be. It is a journey of life. The most important thing is that you did your best and that’s the one driving force that will keep you going in life.

Now that you’ve completed pre-university, are you ready to take on the next step in your education journey?

Are you currently struggling in your life and unable to decide what to do after having A-level results? Hard to choose whether to further your job, training or furthering your education?

Below are a few several steps you will need to do after receiving A-level results: -

1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

From the results you have obtained, sit down and take a deep breath to think of what you are capable to do in your life. If you scored well in Business Administration, Financial Management subjects, you can confidently pursue a Degree in Business Administration. Discuss with your family & friends on your strengths and weaknesses,

2. Decide on your College options

Now it’s time to experience the exciting life of a university student! But before you daydream of life as an undergraduate, what you need to do is to decide which field to study and which university to study.
Proceed with soul searching and think of what excites you. Consider your strengths and move along towards your goals. After you have pinpointed a few degrees and career paths you find yourself interested in, go ahead and start narrowing your university options. If this sounds permanent, remember that every field of study will arm you with generally transferable skills!

3. Speak to a Education/Programme Consultant

You could always talk to Mantissa College’s Education Programme Consultant, our consultant will advise you during free time, as a one-to-one consultation at our office in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur. In this way, you can get clear, solid advice about the best degree to study.
This priority counselling will also be including the campus discovery visits, scholarship, and rebate as well as accommodation assistant. Our education advisor will match the best business degree course to you based on your current budget and other requirements. After the counselling session, we will help you to proceed with your University Application.
Phew, who knew that you still had so much to decide after obtaining your A-Levels results? No matter what you decide to do, it’ll be the best choice.

4. Take a Break or Work Part Time Job

If you decide to take a break, try to do something that will improve your skillset or enrich your life in some way; this is not the time to play video games for 3 whole months! Working part-time is a good choice as you get to earn a little cash while building your soft skills and learning the ropes of employability. It will also give you an edge when it comes to dealing with various personalities and managing your time in university.

Mantissa College is a transcendent place to start looking at all the options open to you: 

1) Continue to pursue your studies in a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Programme – And skip foundation and A levels to get into higher education.
2) Keep your options open if you’re unsure about what you want to do in the future.
3) Look for employment – Mantissa College graduates are valued by employers because they show a good level of education.
4) Go on to vocational or work-based qualifications, such as a higher apprenticeship, Business Degrees etc.

Business Degrees

A-levels are often viewed simply as preparation for university, and while that's not the case, there is a good reason behind it since they're the standard qualification used for university offers. 

A degree will normally take three or four years for full time and two years for part-time will focus on a particular business subject and others will still provide skills which will be useful for a wide range of careers. A degree is also the main route of doing academic research.

In conclusion, Mantissa College is the best education provider for you to grow your career as if you are choosing apprenticeships or Business Degree Courses.

If you’re ready to start job hunting, a great first step is to become a Young Professional with Mantissa College.

Mantissa College able to train you to be self-management, self-belief, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. After the intensive Young Professional Training, your resume will look good as there will be a few important skills to be added in your respective resume or CV.

Guidelines on How to Apply Programme
Step 1: Prepare your documentations
I) Highest Qualification: Latest Certifications
II) Highest Qualification: Latest Transcripts
III) Latest Resume
Iv) Passport (International Student)

Step 2: Submit and email your documentation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 3: Speak with our Programme Consultant to guide you through the programme

Ready to embark your educational journey with us?

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