What is an IEMBA and Why Should you Study It?
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What is an IEMBA and Why Should you Study It?


Definition of IEMBA

International Executive Master of Business Administration (IEMBA) is an Executive Master of Business Administration program that specifically targets corporate executives and managers. This program enables part-time students to study and work towards earning this business degree while continuing to hold their existing full-time jobs. IEMBA students typically possess considerable work experience before entering the program.

IEMBA Program

An IEMBA program is made up of a mix of classroom teaching on An IEMBA program that is made up of a mix of classroom teaching on evenings and weekends, online classes and tutorials, and occasional full-day sessions. Equivalent to a full-time MBA program in scope and requirements. An intensive modular class to reinforce expertise and fill knowledge gaps are primary motivators for executives to embark on this program.


IEMBA students engage in core coursework in finance and accounting, operations management, strategic management, marketing, human resources, and other disciplines, and take specialized electives. Students come away with an enhanced skills base to advance their career prospects at their organizations, not to mention the credential of a master's degree and a new alumni network, which should never be underestimated in the working world. Since most of these executives are also working during the duration of the program, they are in a better position to apply the management techniques and best practices learned in the classroom to real-life situations, as compared to traditional MBAs who are in graduate school full-time.

An IEMBA program is cheaper than an MBA Program. Whether the executive is paying out of his or her pocket or is being sponsored by a company, a basic return on investment calculation should be made. Aside from the cost, there is time consideration. Even though the executive is still working full-time and thus there is no monetary opportunity cost, there might be an opportunity cost to the executive if they cannot travel to close a deal, meet with a client to develop new business or stay late in the office to meet a pressing deadline if there is class to attend or homework to do. These must be part of the cost-benefit analysis of an IEMBA program for the executive.

Three Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1) MBA Vs IEMBA Program: Which Is Better?
2) Is an International Executive MBA Worth It?
3) Why an IEMBA Program is essential to excel in career growth?

MBA Vs IEMBA Program: Which Is Better? 

An IEMBA Program could develop a strong professional network, boosting key knowledge and skills, as well as to accelerate your career progression. Several people are understandably reluctant to take time away from work and family life to pursue a traditional full-time MBA due to the time constraint.

Besides that, IEMBA Program also provides flexible study schedules, specialized training for career-focused professionals, and it can be completed as part-time within 15 months. Our IEMBA candidates benefit from studying alongside like-minded, established professionals with a diverse set of skills and expertise.

Mantissa’s Global Executive MBA attracts some of the most interesting, entrepreneurial, and ambitious minds in the world — from the COO of Ferrari to the Directors of family-run businesses. You’ll earn a degree that adds value to your resume, company, and salary—without putting your career on hold.

Another key feature of an IEMBA Program is that you can pursue your studies without taking a career break. Mantissa students will have the flexibility of earning their Executive MBA within only 15 months. To begin the study course, you won’t have to sacrifice a regular pay-check or risk losing a job you enjoy. You’ll also have an additional benefit of being able to apply what you learn on your course immediately in your workplace.

The implications of this immediate learning transfer are huge. You’ll be able to put classroom theory into practice and add value to your company straight away. Being able to apply the learnings from your International Executive MBA to your job immediately is a big plus for your employers and makes a strong case when trying to get an employer to fund your IEMBA for your master's degree Programme. Also, this will put you in a strong position when it comes to negotiating your current promotions and salary. Mantissa College IEMBA graduates in the year of 2015, has reported an average salary boost of 75% just one year after graduation.

If you have your eye on a major career move, an earning of an IEMBA could be the most important choice you make. 99% of Mantissa College students change their job location, industry, or function after graduation.

The skills and practical experience you’ll gain in the classroom and through real case studies, live projects or business simulations will build on your existing professional expertise and help to propel your career in an exciting new direction. These same experiences and new understanding can also provide a platform for entrepreneurs to launch their business ventures. Importantly, at this level of study, you will also focus on developing and refining the skills needed for success in any of the leadership roles in any industry.

Likewise, if you’re interested in working overseas, your IEMBA Programme can enhance your resume and give you the connections needed for an exciting career move abroad. You may also have the chance to study abroad in another city or country, providing you invaluable insight into different markets and local job opportunities. You’ll enrich your professional network with diverse, fascinating, and successful people.

The people you’ll meet on your course will prove invaluable as friends and mentors, and even as future colleagues or collaborators. Your peers are likely to come from all over the world and bring a diverse range of skills and professional experience to the classroom, allowing you to benefit from their unique perspective and expertise. You may find you’re learning alongside a successful tech entrepreneur, a senior scientist, or the CFO of a multinational company. At Mantissa College, we were proud to be recognized by Galileo Global Education in 2015 as the top IEMBA program for industries represented.

“The multicultural and diversity of the students was unique because lots of learning comes from interaction with classmates and lecturers.”
Ptof. Dr. Chua Chong Keow, William Hult IEMBA Class of 2015

Is an International Executive MBA Worth It? 

At the level of business study, your professors are likely to be world-class, with cutting-edge knowledge and experience gained as successful business theorists and practitioners. An incredible new insight into global business practices and an enviable network of connections who will prove an important asset throughout your career.

In the digital era, the business world is evolving fast. If you’re a professional who is a few decades into your career, it may be the right time to refresh your knowledge or upskill in new areas of the field. On an individual level, you may also find it enriching to revisit an academic environment and to challenge yourself by studying alongside like-minded senior professionals.

Why an IEMBA Program is essential to excel in career growth?

If you’re someone who has primarily learned on the job, an IEMBA could be the perfect way to enhance your credentials, enhance your technical and soft skills, and ground your practical knowledge with a fundamental understanding of the different functional areas of business administration. The purpose of studying business at the IEMBA level is to marry theory with practice, allowing you to fill knowledge gaps and tackle some of the most pressing issues faced by today’s business leaders.

Whether your motivation is to refresh your skills or learn new ones, hone your knowledge or upskill in a new area, accelerate your career or expand your professional network, the cumulative impact of earning an IEMBA will be significant both personally and professionally. At Mantissa College, our IEMBA graduates receive tailored career support to ensure you have achieved your career goals. In an ever-changing and highly competitive global job market, enhancing your credentials with an IEMBA Programme could widen up exciting new opportunities and make all the difference in your career.

To find out more program info, kindly click the International Executive Master In Business Administration Programme for further exploration and a deeper understanding of IEMBA courses.

Guidelines on How to Apply for Postgraduate / International Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Programme
Step 1: Prepare your documentations
I) Highest Qualification: Latest Certifications
II) Highest Qualification: Latest Transcripts
III) Latest Resume
Iv) Passport (International Student)

Step 2: Submit and email your documentation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 3: Speak with our Programme Consultant to guide you through the programme

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