Window of Opportunities-IPE DBA Preview

Mantissa College has recently hosted the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) preview on Saturday, 27th May 2017. The visiting guest speakers who conducted the lectures for the DBA preview were Professor Mike Wooi, the Dean of L’Institut pour I’Expertise (IPE) Management School Paris and Dr Mike Moulder, the Professor of IPE Management School Paris in France. Students from various industries and backgrounds attended the DBA preview which was opened to the public to gain a better understanding of the IPE programme as well as the subjects offered.

The DBA preview began at 10 am with a welcome speech by Dr William Chua, Principal of Mantissa College and Mr Julian Haytham-Shang Hui, Marketing Manager of Mantissa College. Students were furnished with a preview on some of the subjects that would be taught in the programme, namely Business Strategy and Reporting for Financial Decision Making.

For the Business Strategy subject, students were provided with actual case studies’ scenarios that occurred in multi-national organisations that were relevant to the organisations and industries they were in. They learned to identify, articulate and apply the strategic issues that organisations are confronted with on a daily basis. They also learned to drive key concepts, techniques and knowledge from the lecture that allowed them to develop informative and comprehensive responses to some of the main issues related strategy and competition faced by the organisations and industries. Also, students further gained knowledge to strategically analyse and integrate the development of the organisation’s strategic direction, strategic capabilities as well as its internal and external dynamics.

For the Reporting for Financial Decision Making subject, students were taught on financial accounting issues, functional areas of financial accounting and managerial accounting with examples of real life issues faced by organisations in the various industries on their accounting and financial reporting methods. This benefitted the students as they gained a better understanding of accounting theory as well as the knowledge and skills to apply the concepts in the real world.

The DBA preview ended at 4 pm with some light refreshments and consultation sessions by the visiting guest speakers of IPE Management School Paris as well as the staff of Mantissa College with the students.

The Doctor of Business Administration programme is in collaboration with IPE Management School Paris. It is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in France and Malaysia, provisionally accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and registered by the Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle (CNCP). IPE Management School Paris is also a member of the Grandes Ecoles Specialists (GES) network in France.

The study duration of the DBA programme is minimum three years and maximum five years of 11 subjects in which lectures for the first eight core subjects are conducted on a modular basis on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm on the weekend 1. On subsequent weekends 2 to 5, students have the opportunity to consult with their lecturer for guidance in completing their assignment for the respective subject so that they can submit their assignment on the weekend 6. Students gain additional credential by publishing their assignments as journals and articles on the ISBN database.

Once the core subjects are completed, students then work with their supervisors in order for students to propose the research design and methodology that they would be researching on, in the particular organisation and industry and collection of data in order to generate the statistics and analyse them and complete the programme with a thesis of 50000 words and viva voce. Students gain a wealth of knowledge of the organisations and industries throughout the duration of the DBA programme which they can apply in the real world. They benefit in enhancing their career to become business leaders in their respective fields for the future with completion of the DBA programme.

Students with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in any field from an accredited institution can apply for the DBA programme. The next intake for the DBA programme is on 22nd July 2017 and closing is on and until 14th July 2017. Subsequently, the following intake will be on 9th September 2017 and closing is on and before 1st September 2017. For more information, do visit the programme website by clicking here.

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