Living in Malaysia as an International Student

Living in Malaysia as an International Student

For international students, Malaysia is an exciting and affordable place to visit and study.

Personal Expenses

This would depend on your personal lifestyle. Your costs for grooming, clothes, movies, social outing and other necessities may take an average up to $117.87 per month*



Students can have an immense satisfying meal at a shop with only $1.41 up to $2.83* per day. If international students have a big appetite and eat 3 square meals per day, you can enjoy your food with only an average $5.00 per day.


*Kindly refer our Accomodation offered for International Students.

Public Transport

Public transport may depend on what type of transportation and the destination they want to go.

  1. RapidKL Train and bus lines


Students who plan on travelling around the city a lot using the trains and buses can opt to buy a Touch and Go Travel Card. This card is available for purchase at most train stations including KL Sentral, Masjid Jamek, KLCC, Dang Wangi, Ampang Park and Bangsar RapidKL Sales Counters

The card costs $2.36* and can have additional added value at anytime with a minimum of $2.36*. This card can be used as a daily travel for Rapid KL, KTM Komuters, LRT, KL Monorails and Express Rail Link (ERL) lines.

  1. Taxis


Taxis should always use a meter. This does not applied to taxis with coupon system because the prices is already fixed.  Before stepping into a taxi, always asks and confirm if they are going by the meter. 

Flagrate rate for a standard taxi is mentioned in the table below:

Type of Taxi


Premier Taxi

Meter starts at $1.42 and every KM is $0.47*

Budget Taxi

Meter starts at $0.71 and every KM is $0.24*


For other public transportations, kindly refer to

Mobile phone bills and Utilities

Your mobile phone bills depends on your usage charges and may costs from $10 onwards

On average, international students may have expenses of an average of $236.22 per month, excluding the accommodation, if you are prudent.

Embark on your journey as a student with us in Mantissa College, Malaysia!

"*" Subject to changes of currency exchange rate

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