Why you should not stop at the Bachelor Degree level only?


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Instead of the reason getting a bigger pay cheque, there are actually 5 amazing reasons why you should continue you study in Master of Business Administration

1.Earn a widely-recognized top credential 

An MBA, other than certificate it is actually a pass for you to apply the theoretical that you have learned so far and apply it to the practical. In fact, Master of Business Administration is recognized throughout the world as high level credential whereby it might be a good passport for your future career.


Other than collecting knowledge from your amazing lecturers every weekend, there is actually something amazing that you might tend to forget which is networking. Why I said so, because most of the postgraduate students come from various industries such as entrepreneur, banking, automotive and the list is almost endless. On top of that, they also differ in terms of nationality whereby the classes consist of local and international. Therefore, by continuing International Executive Master of Business Administration will benefit the student in terms of knowledge as well as networking. According to Mackay (2007) in Newport News these are individual who earned MBA and now a Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Robert Carter (FedEx), Stuart Scott (Microsoft), Jean Michel Ares (The Coca Cola Company) and etc. Who knows maybe your turn to become one of the top CIOs in the world by continuing your study in the master level?

3. I’ve learned a lot during my Bachelor Degree

If this is what you were thinking when you had completed you BBA, you are totally wrong! This is because, by doing Master of Business Administration, you tend to realize that what you learn before is not enough to survive in the challenging world. As for the postgraduate, lecturers consist of experienced local lecturers which are being appointed by university. On top of that, as an MBA student it will help you to acquire in depth view of business world as well as how to speak clearly and distinctively.

4.Personal development 

Other than learned SWOT Analysis in the classes conducted, it actually helps students to explore more about themselves. In here, we will work together to find out what’s the barrier between you and success.  Normally, during the first semester of MBA is actually an intense training, whereby you will work together with diverse group of students. At the end of the study, you will realize your way of thinking will change.

5.A pathway to set up a business

It is good news for those who want to be an entrepreneur whereby this course will enhance your soft skills. Through this programme will exposed students to leadership skills classes, marketing technique, the right way to manage financial and etc.

Our MBA programme is known as International Executive Master of Business Programme whereby the awarding body is Paris Graduate School of Management. It is a bonus for you by studying in Malaysia but you are entitled to get the certificate from university which ranked 24th across 250 business universities in France as per 2013.

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