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Bachelor of Business Administration

In collaboration with Paris Graduate School of Management, France

Bachelor of Business Administration

In Collaboration with Paris Graduate School of Management-Paris
The Ecole Superieure De Gestion (Paris Graduate School of Management) is ranked (18th in 3 Palmes of Excellence Business School in 2016 by / (Ranked 32nd across 250 Business School in France in 2016 by The programme is recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, and received the Full Accreditation by the MQA
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  • Why SPM students choose us? +

    Apply using SPM (O-level) A– Student can apply directly into the 4+0 Bachelor in Business Administrationprogramme with SPM (O-Level) or STPM (A-Level) qualification

    ·        This Bachelor Degree is a four (4) years programme.

    ·        *PTPTN loan across 4 Years- PTPTNfunds programme for 4 years

    ·        Study can complete the 4+0 Bachelor Degree programme in Malaysiaand get a foreign awarded qualification

    ·        Top Ranked University-This 4+0 Bachelor inBusiness Administration awarded by Paris Graduate School of Management,France which is ranked among the top 25in France in 2016

    ·        This 4+0 Bachelor in Business Administrationprogramme is accredited by MQA / JPA-Qualification isaccredited by Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) and JabatanPerkhidmatan Awam (JPA)


    * For Malaysian Applicants, only


  • Aims +


    The Bachelor of Business Administration programme is intended for students who desire to begin a professional career in either business administration or business management. This programme has helped many students to analyse and evaluate real-life skills for any working situations or environments that they may be part of in the future. This programme will help you to understand and develop complete and thorough knowledge of important business concepts such as marketing, management, human resources, financial operations and development.

    This knowledge will be provided within a global context so that you can be effective and efficient anywhere in the world. You will also be provided with the necessary skills to be effective in other business areas like communication, free and private enterprise, digital processing, and working with groups and teams. You will have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of business administration at the completion of this programme.

    Successful students who have completed this programme are now working in various of business sectors. They are contributing to the company and organisations with practical and theoretical business models. These business models are both innovative and entrepreneurial in nature. One of the primary advantages is that as a student, you apply all the business models gained during lectures into your workplace. This programme will prepare the student for ample opportunities in the job market. There will be visiting lectures, as well as invited guest speakers who can share with students the industrial experiences.

    After graduated from this 4+0 Bachelor in Business Administration, students can work in European countries as this qualification is well recognised by European community.

    In your final year, you can specialise in Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, and very soon retail management. Once you have received your degree, you will be able to further your field of interest as a postgraduate study in a more specific area. These are just some of the many advantages of choosing this programme over the others.

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  • Outcome +

    Upon graduation of this course, you will able to:

    1.   Build expertise of independent analysis, learning, synthesis as well as critical thinking throughout the program of business and management principles as well as concepts along with the relevant underpinning theories best suited to a wide variety of business organisations and circumstances.

    2.   Evaluate as well as demonstrate a well-informed understanding of their position and also ethical responsibilities adding to their role and their professional values in society and organisations in the twenty-first century.

    3.   Examine strategic issues and contemporary throughout the application of related models, analytical concepts and theories.

    4.   Apply related transferable skills into a profession in business and management (e.g. communication, managing projects, research and appropriate technologies, working in teams as well as significantly reflect on the effectiveness of their unique knowledge and skills in this application.

    5.    Significantly appraise understanding of organisations and related knowledge, the external environment in which they operate and management theory when examining and handling problems in various business scenarios.

  • Why PGSM BBA @ Mantissa? +

    Enhancing your employment and career prospects

    Undertaking your studies with the Mantissa college Business School gives you a boost in your career by offering you with:

    Internship opportunities -You can opt to gain useful work experience by undertaking an internship as part of your study program. Complete support in the preparation and allocation of internships is made possible by the dedicated support team we have.

    Study abroad - You can opt to take a single semester or a complete year and study abroad in one of our many European partners as part of the program to study with some extra fees.

    Partnering with true managers - We get many opportunities for you to work with practicing managers through guest lectures, site visits and company projects to short term internships or full year placements.

    Nurturing real business skills- Taking a program at Mantissa college will let you nurture skills that are on demand in the business industry such as Information technology, project management, leadership and teamwork.

    Guidance and support on careers- You will be in a position to gain an Employability Award. Having sharpened your interview skills and developed your resume, you will take an internship to prepare you for employment once you have graduated.

    Volunteering - You can acquire essential employability skills with volunteering. There exist opportunities for you to work with various voluntary organizations.

    Starting a business of your own- In addition to developing the business acumen required to start and manage a business of your own, you will receive support during your study period and after graduation to help you succeed with business start-up.

    Management mentors - You get the opportunity to receive mentorship from a senior manager in the region through the school's Institute of Directors mentoring scheme.

    A study environment that is professionally supportive

    Your learning experience here shall be improved by:

    Tutors who are well versed with business - The tutors we have bear experience as managers, have worked with businesses in the capacity of advisors or will research business and management for you to learn all that is current and which is relevant to the current business world.

    A supportive and friendly environment- We are highly hailed for the support we give our students. Whether it is study advice or pastoral advice, your course leader and personal tutor are available to offer the support you require and at the time you need it.

    Blended learning -This school has formulated a blended learning approach in which lectures and tutoring activities are supported by online learning to provide a seamless learning experience in and out of the classroom.

    Flexibility -The programs we offer make your study options flexible as you develop and progress, whether it's going abroad for study or going on internship or being able to switch between the different courses we give.

    Professional bodyinformed programmes - The institution has powerful professional body links that are used to update the curriculum for up-to-date professional thinking and standards and to improve on exemptions and accreditation you will get along with studying your program.

    Internationalisation - The institution's international staff and student body and a curriculum built by internationalisation helps you learn how to operate in the world's business platform.

  • Course Content +

  • Entry Requirements +

    1)   Pass in SPM, O-Levels orequivalent qualifications with minimum 5 subjects with Grade C OR

    2) Pass inSTPM, A-Levels or equivalent qualifications with minimum 2 subjects with GradeC OR

    3)   Pass in UEC or equivalentqualifications with minimum 5 subjects with Grade B OR

    4)   Pass in Matriculation /Foundation from any recognised institutions with minimum CGPA of 2.0 OR

    5)   Recognised Diploma withCGPA of 2.0 OR

    6)   Any equivalentqualifications recognised by the Ministry of Education (MOE)

  • Fees & Finances +




    *Tuition Fees

    RM 40,900

    RM 45,900

    Exam Fees

    £ 1,000

    £ 1,000

    * Tuition Fees above excluding admin fees, please contact the relevant Academic Schoolfor further information on course fees.

    ·       The University also offers a range of Bursaries and Scholarships in addition to other financialsupport packages

    ·       These fees are applicable for new entrants in 2015. If you have any queries regarding the fees listed please contact (03-7728-5215)

    ·       These fees are for the current academic year only. Any subsequent years may be subject to an annual increase, usually in line with inflation.

  • PTPTN Funding (Malaysian Students Only) +

    PTPTN Funding (Malaysian Students Only)
  • EPF Funding +

    EPF Funding
  • Employability +

    On completing the course, you will be equipped with the background for a wide variety of positions in business. You will have developed skills and background knowledge needed for a wide variety of business areas, and learnt the fundamentals of the various functional areas of business, including management, marketing, human resources, finance, and operations and management systems. While many of these careers are open to graduates in any subject, some employers may specify, or give preference to, graduates in business-related subjects. A career in business is varied and can involve the functions such as management and marketing and there is an increasing need for business management skills in government, international commerce, health care, and non-profit organisations. Careers as entry-level manager, Human Resources specialist, Assistant Product Manager, Business Analyst, Market Researcher are some of the possibilities.

    Students may decide to continue their studies at Master’s level. Mantissa offers a number of different Master’s courses including International Executive Master of Business Admin and Master of Creative Design

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Frequently Ask Questions

1) What is Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme?
Bachelor of Business Administration is a curriculum designed by Paris Graduate School of Management, France for students. The BBA programme is a rewarding and academically challenging programme that prepares students for life success beyond study. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students.
2) How does the programme work?
BBA students study 32 subjects across 4 years whereby coursework carries 50% and final exam carries 50%.
3) How many semesters are there in a year? And, how many subjects can I take per semester?
There are 3 semesters in a year; January – short semester, March – long semester and August – long semester. In short semester, you are only allowed to take 3 subjects; up to a maximum of 10 credits. In a long semester, you are allowed to take 5 subjects; up to a maximum of 20 credits.
4) Is this programme accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)?
Yes, this programme has a full accreditation by MQA with reference code of (MQA/FA4648) regardless receiving an international certificate upon completion.
5) What tuition support options are available?
Student may apply for PTPTN or EPF funding. Also, student may perform self-funding
6) I have completed similar courses at another institution. How do I apply for transfer credits?
You are required to submit the full transcript of the other institution. Credit transfer will be processed upon application.

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